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Clinical Connectivity Portal Members

Here are the applications currently available through the Clinical Connectivity Portal:

  • Citrix - Cerner Millenium, Synapse/PACS
  • Patient Census
  • Health Information Network
  • Direct Secure Messaging
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Don't have a login? If there are people in your office already using this system, please contact your office Group Administrator. Your Administrator will be able to create an account for you to begin using the system.

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Need Help?

If you run into technical issues such as:
- Needing a password reset / MobilePass email re-sent
Please contact the Banner Service Desk at 602-747-4444

If you run into Clinical Connectivity application problems while logged into an application such as:

- Issues within clinical applications (Cerner, PACS)
please contact the Banner Clinical Service Desk at 602-747-4444 option 3

For questions regarding Clinical Connectivity Practice Enrollment or practice management such as:

- Group page or request status

- Progress of the Data Access Agreement (DAA) signing

- Group Administrator responsibilities

Please contact the Clinical Connectivity Administrator at Webconnect@bannerhealth.com.